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Businesses in any industry and area of the country with commercial vehicle fleets of any size benefit from the intelligence of the FleetDaddy solution and are eligible to subscribe to the software. Through the use of wireless technology and intelligent web-based software, companies gain immediate, around-the-clock insight to observe employee driving performance, plan and view individual vehicle routing, receive scheduled maintenance alerts, minimize fuel and insurance costs, and increase operational safety and productivity.

Quoting your business customers’ accounts is quick and easy using our simple savings and rate calculating system. Click HERE to access our Savings and Rate Calculator. Here you can generate a quick quote for the operations’ total number of vehicles and an estimate of the savings earned utilizing the FleetDaddy solution. Your business customers have the option to purchase a two or three year subscription to use the FleetDaddy software. Subscription prices start at $25 for a 36 month period or $29 per vehicle for a 24 month period plus a per vehicle activation fee.

When a subscription is sold, a FleetDaddy representative arranges for a convenient, on-site installation of equipment and trains your customer on the use of software application and reports.

Agents and brokers earn 12 percent commission on each new vehicle subscription sold and 10 percent on renewal subscriptions. A general business agreement with FleetDaddy must be signed in order to receive payment of commission on the sale of FleetDaddy. There is no sales commitment for you or your agency or brokerage.

The US Assure and FleetDaddy staff are available to assist you and your customers in learning more about our vehicle operation and risk management solution. Whether you have a few simple questions or need an in-depth educational and training session held for your top customer, we’re here to help make the sales process simply for you.