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Contact US Assure
Use this link to contact US Assure for customer service questions and information on our web site, workshops, accounting and the Co-op Advertising Program.

The contact number for the Builders Risk Plan underwritten by Zurich and other US Assure products remains the same - (800) 800 - 3907 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Builders Risk Service, Underwriting, and Billing
Agent Inquiries:
Billing Inquiries: 800-800-3907
Address: P.O. Box 10197
Jacksonville, FL 32247-0197

Contacting Zurich Small Business
Agent Inquiries: 855-325-4765
Billing Inquiries: 855-866-6879
Address: P.O. Box 2487
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

How to report a claim
To report a claim for a Zurich Builders Risk insured, please call (800) 987-3373. If you need to fax information, send via (877) 962-2567. To check the status of a previously reported claim, call (877) 246-3478.